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Brush Cutting & Forestry Mulching

Monroe, Ga still retains some of its beautiful pasture land and countryside with sprawling comMuities that can get overgrown with pines and privet seemingly overnight. From lots to acreage and brush to trees, we have the most eco and cost friendly way to clear.

Skid steer mulching attachments enable the removal of brush and trees with a diameter of up to ten inches and a typical height of fifteen to twenty feet. The overgrown trees and vegetation will have to be cut down using heavier equipment. Because it can effectively remove dense undergrowth, our brush cutter machine is ideal for smaller areas and efficient to up ten or fifteen acres.

The dedicated Forestry Mulchers are able to clear almost any size of land of unwanted trees and overgrown plants. They may also be picky about the trees and plants they clear, such as larger, overgrown trees in right-of-way areas, or they may only get certain species or areas of trees and plants on a large acreage. The quickest, most efficient, and most cost-effective means of environmentally friendly removal of overgrown property is through land clearing using forestry mulching.


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Our brush clearing and forestry mulching services have been professionally clearing lots and land for over a decade. Businesses, contractors, and residents in Monroe GA have relied on Georgia Brush Mowing to clear land safely and professionally for over a decade. has had the pleasure of being a part providing brush clearing, forestry mulching and land clearing services on personal land owners, contractors and businesses