Land Clearing

Lets Clear some Land

Land clearing revolves around getting your property cleared of unwanted trees and brush. We can handle the root systems in several ways. The site prep tractor can mulch below the surface grade about 4," and our excavator root rakes can get them out entirely. From here, we can either turn them into mulch and leave them behind to prevent regrowth and fertilize the soil, or we will haul the mulch away for you. Our Behemoth Mulchers, or excavators, have more horsepower than others on the market that mulch your mature trees quickly leaving a smooth work surface or can remove the root system by grubbing.  Georgia Brush Mowing makes the process easy for all of our clients.

We specialize in land clearing with mulching as tree and unwanted vegetation removal and grading. We handle all phases of your land clearing and development process from start to completion. Our full range of services means you'll benefit from the ease and cost savings of working with one contractor for your total site package. We've built our business on land clearing using the latest technology, equipment, and training

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At GBM we prioritize integrity and service to deliver exceptional results. Our team is committed to each project throughout its entirety. Contact us today to request an estimate for your land and lot clearing needs!