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Brush Cutting & Forestry Mulching

The practice of mulching trees and other vegetation with heavier equipment is an important practice that helps to maintain environmental health. By removing dead and dying trees, perhaps beetle-infested, as well as clearing away competing vegetation, trees are able to access the sunlight and nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. For more than a decade, our brush clearing and forestry mulching services have been clearing lots and land tracts professionally.

Residents, contractors, and businesses in Gainesville and surrounding areas have relied on Georgia Brush Mowing to professionally meet their land clearing project goals. Call us for a free estimate today.


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In Gainesville Georgia pines and privet can appear out of nowhere and quickly cover up what was once a usable space.

Skid steer forestry mulching for brush clearing is the ideal option if you want a quick way to clear brush and overgrown vegetation on lots and land under 10-15 acres. Utilizing our specially tooled machine to grind vegetation into mulch is the method of choice for clearing brush and trees 10” and under. The mulch that is produced can then be utilized to prevent erosion. Not only is brush cutting a good way to clear land, but it is also good for the environment and can help improve the health of the soil.

Through our dedicated mulchers, we can remove acreages of unwanted trees and overgrown vegetation of nearly any size or clear larger overgrown trees in right-of-way areas selectively, and select only certain species or locations in larger spaces and acreage. If you want to clear your property quickly, cost-effectively, and environmentally responsibly, forestry mulching is the way to go.