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Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching

For large properties and mature trees, Forestry Mulching is the fastest  most efficient and affordable way to clear land of trees as an alternative  to traditional means of land clearing.

Traditional methods of land clearing such as Bulldozing and burning leave an unsightly mess to clean up while chain-sawing and traditional chippers take a lot of time thereby driving up the costs. 

Forestry mulching can strip the land or be selective in what is cleared. We can leave the natural mulch in place to provide a natural erosion barrier of  your top soil or remove the left mulch, also the roots can be left smooth to  the ground for easy maintenance or the roots can be removed depending  on the project. 

Land clearing by forestry mulching is the most environmentally friendly process of clearing land. Leaving the mulch from forestry mulching the trees can be left to decompose while protecting your topsoil then adds minerals back in the the top soil and driving down the costs.


  • Fast

  • Erosion Protection

  • No permitting -- usually

  • No burning

  • No hauling -- unless requested

  • Conserves natural environment

  • Improves soil quality - minerals back to top soil

  • Very cost effective - less equipment and staff needed

  • No ground disturbance

  • Good health trees will thrive and build a better canopy

  • Choices- selective clearing or full landing clearing

  • Can control insect and pine beetle infestations

  • Invasive species control

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