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Have Questions for Georgia Brush Mowing and Land Clearing?

We have answers!

1. How many acres can be cleared per day?

Land clearing varies depending on equipment, terrain, and size of vegetation. With so many variables, Georgia Brush Mowing will discuss timing with you when quoting the project, rest assured, our equipment can handle all vegetation and will complete it as quickly as possible.

2. What happens to the mulched material?

The choice is yours! We can haul it off. We can let it decompose. It depends on your needs.

3. Can Roots be Removed?

Yes, on large acreage projects.

4. Can we pick trees to be left?

Yes, selective clearing can be done.

5. Will cut trees grow back?

Cedar and Pine trees will not come back from the roots, and the mulch will act as a barrier to prevent new ones from germinating. Hardwoods are the easiest trees to grow back. However, we mulch low enough to the ground that this can be easily maintained.

6. Bulldozer versus mulching?

Bulldozing disturbs the ground. Bulldozers work by forcing trees and brush completely up out of the ground and requires permitting. Along with this, comes rocks and dirt. For disposal, the piled debris must be raked up and sorted. The pile must be left to dry and then burned, with remaining debris requiring haul-off.

Mulching mulches close to the ground and the mulch can be left or removed based on your needs.

7. What areas do you service?

Depending on the service, all of the southeastern states!

8. What is an ECO Mulcher? 

This equipment is a highly innovative, latest in technology cutter and mulcher in one. It works by having a strong hydraulic flow for spin speed of the machine that has hundreds of chipping teeth for a fast, safe way to mulch trees down to nothing!

9. What's so great about mulch anyway?

The pines and brush type vegetation are very acidic to your soil. Over time as the mulch decomposes it returns natural nutrients to the soil and will help to restore the ph balance back to the soil allowing it to be easier for you to grow what you want to grow. 

Mulch acts as an erosion barrier and helps prevent the vegetation from coming back so quickly. Mulch just plain looks nice in between the larger trees and you can drive or play on it right away. Think of it as carpet for the outdoors.

10. Will I need permits?

Mulching means no figuring out what to do with the cut vegetation such as hauling or burning. The one-step process is of cutting and mulching at the same time, and mulching vegetation alleviates any need for permits as you are not disrupting the ground. Dozing, grading, and other options that disturb the soil do require permits.


“Wow. My experience was great AAA+++. The technician David arrived promptly. Worked all day and transformed my property. Price was reasonable for the work and the company worked great scheduling me in. I have a little more property to do and I can't wait to see the final product. I would highly recommend this company. No complaints.” -Justin V.
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