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Fast Equipment

Heavy Duty Land Clearing Equipment

Our heavy-duty Land Clearing, Brush Removal and Forestry Mulching equipment is some of the fastest and latest in technology in the industry. Having the best and unique tools enables our experienced pro-operators to clear any size property or trees. We can get your property from start to finish getting trees down often faster than tub grinders to grubbing the root systems out. 

Forestry Mulching

Skid Steer Mulchers

We haven't found a better more capable machine for mulching trees and brush than the CAT 299 D3 XHP 2022.  With 110 horsepower and rigged with the highest hydraulic flow possible to the mulching head, this machine can get overgrown standing vegetation around 1- 10" in diameter even larger trees if on the ground. This machine is paired with the best mulcher we have used in our years of experience in forestry mulching.  It is nimble, on tracks resulting in low ground pressure and can be used in many environments almost any size space for forestry mulching trees up to 10" usually and brush clearing the overgrown brush.

For best results on your property be sure to compare the equipment.

Underpowered equipment jagged pointed roots left making it impossible to maintain later, leave large chunky tree mulch and take longer to finish the job thereby costing you more money.

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Excavator Mulchers / Root Rakes

Our Excavator Mulchers set ups are tired and true and  are our most unique and handy equipment tool of all for fast land clearing.  These powerhouse machines have awesome abilities with the great reach they have to clearing and trees on steep hills, wet lands, clear large and mature trees on large acreage and even selective tree clearing.  These can be tooled with special attachments for the root systems removal also.  You will be amazed at the capabilities of these machines.

Dedicated Mulchers 

These dedicated land clearing mulching machines provide serious horsepower for clearing large tracks of property.  

Capable of removing thick dense brush and medium size trees.   These machines can power through your project leaving behind a sea of golden mulch to benefit your property.

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Our Cat D6 Dozers deliver power and efficiency and make for an ideal tool  grading on larger properties.