Brush Cutting

Brush cutting with forestry mulching equipment can clear out overgrown
vegetation 1 to 10 inches in diameter in most cases. From those pesky pine and
scrub trees that grow like weeds here in Georgia to the invasive privet that can crowd
your property. Underbrush and crowding of vegetation can lead to poor
nutrition of the mature trees that you want to keep. Underbrush removal will
cause mature trees to begin to thrive causing a more beautiful and pleasant
canopy top to enjoy.

The best part is our brush cutting machines delivers beautiful mulch with a
a carpet-like effect that acts as a natural erosion barrier to your topsoil and as the
mulch material decomposes it will add nutrition and minerals back to your top
soil. It's a win-win eco-friendly solution to your land clearing and brush clearing
needs on residential or commercial properties.

Additionally, brush removal will spoil unwanted critter environments that are
breeding and nesting in your yard or property including beetles, snakes ticks,
chiggers and more species that could potentially harm pets or children and
mature vegetation you want to keep.

Our brush clearing service is quick and efficient offering immediate results of
opening up your land giving you usable space. These powerful brush cutters
can mulch the overgrown trees and saplings and brush them smooth, flush to the ground making it
easy to maintain in the future if brush or trees begin to spring up again.

See why our equipment is superior!

Brush Removal services include:

  • Field & Pasture Reclaim

  • Clearing overgrown lots and yards

  • New Trails

  • Reclaiming Trails

  • Fence Line

  • Underbrush Removal

  • Viewscape Clearing

  • Storm Damage Cleanup

  • Right-of-Way Clearing

  • Timber Slash Cleanup

  • Shooting Lanes

  • Remove invasive species

  • Fire lanes

  • Remove brush and sapplings 1-10” diameter

  • For residential and commercial properties.

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Benefits of Forestry Mulching include 

  • Improve property value 

  • Open up usable space

  • Mature trees will begin to thrive to and develop a larger canopy

  • Critter environments such as snakes are spoiled

  • Create a views 

  • Mulch acts as an erosion barrier

  • Mulch will improve your topsoil as it decomposes.

  • Fast land clearing

  • Cost effective

  • Can be selective in what you clear