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Brush and Tree Clearing
Athens, GA

Georgia Brush Mowing is one of the top-rated land clearing companies in the Athens GA area. Our team of professionals can handle any task from residential brush clearing to commercial land clearing a grading. No job is too big or too small! Whether you are looking to clean up the brush on your lot that you've been meaning to get to or looking to clear a large area, give Georgia Brush Mowing a call at 706-403-0300!

Benefits of Brush and Tree Clearing Services

  1. Reduce risk of wildfires - Dried out, dead vegetation is a fire hazard waiting to happen, especially during dry seasons. Brush clearing mitigates the risk of overgrown grass, piles of leaves, or scarce bushes setting on fire from stray cigarette butts.

  2. Prevent wildlife infestations - When thick undergrowth takes over, you increase the areas that rodents, ticks, and pests can live. By cutting back unwanted, overgrown trees and brush, you leave uninhabitable land for unwanted critters.

  3. Increase your land's value - Improve your curb appeal by removing overgrown bushes, stubborn weeds, and decaying stumps. Your commercial and residential lot will look much better from the outside looking in.

Commercial, construction, residential, land clearing for any size property and any size trees.

If you are looking for land or brush clearing services in the Athens, GA and surrounding areas, give our team a call at 706-403-0300 or fill out a contact form below for a free estimate today!