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About Us

Who We Are

Over the last 15 years, we have been the top residential and commercial choice for both property owners and municipalities. We are known for our reliable reputation, and for being fast and efficient. We care about your project and the goals you have in mind. We are proud to say we have a stellar 5 Star rating from our customers who are confident when referring us to others. !

Georgia Brush Mowing is a family-owned and operated brush cutting, forestry mulching and land clearing company serving Atlanta, Macon, Gainesville  all of North Georgia and Augusta areas. 

We are more than a general contractor; we are your strategic partner and trusted ally. We deliver superior customer service and exceptional land clearing, resulting in an outstanding experience for all customers.

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We have Built a Five Star Reputation

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Experience and Expertise

What We Do

We clear virtually any size property form residential to commercial. Our heavy-duty equipment is capable of clearing trees from 1" to over 30" in diameter. With several years in the Construction and Directional Boring industry in Atlanta, we have discovered time-saving options for land clearing. We mulch small trees and remove thick brush that would normally be burned or hauled off to local landfills.   We also clear large trees with the latest in land clearing technology. We are the first in the Atlanta area to have these amazing mulching machines! This process is fast and eliminates ground disturbance and most often eliminates needs for permitting,

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